KwaMalume Lodge is a family run lodge that is located in the mountainous heart of the northern KwaZulu-Natal. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a beautiful view of the magestic Jozini Dam, we have opened our doors to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Welcome to KwaMalume Lodge

Located in the heart of the amazing Jozini landscapes. Our lodge welcomes guests from all around the world who wish to explore the beauty of our town and those who wish to take a day off to relax. Our guests feel at home, so if you wish to experience our hospitality do not hesitate to check.

With a team of friendly staff members, we pride ourselves with our mordernized rooms and a record of great service. We work extra hard to ensure that we sustain a high level of excellence in everything we do. Our doors are wide open to welcome you today.

Why Stay With Us?


We have everything you may need

KwaMalume Lodge is ideally situated for discovering the beauty that the province has to offer.

We are located in a quiet area in close proximity to the Jozini town and all the majestic attractions. KwaMalume Lodge is a cosy, friendly, family run lodge that offers an attractive, comfortable Jozini accommodation and delicious home traditional and western cooked meals as well as breakfasts to set you up for a great day ahead, exploring our beautiful town

We do not only offer short-term accommodation. We have great deals on our long-term packages that are priced right to suit your budget.